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With a passion for hardwoods, we always educate our customers not only about our approach to hardwood floor installation, but about the hardwood itself.

Hardwood Flooring Installed with Fervor

We at Buckeye Hardwood feel it is our duty to educate the consumer on why unfinished hardwood flooring makes sense. Informed buyers want the best, and make the best decisions.

Therefore anyone may receive the truth about hardwood floor installation via the internet, as a guest speaker, or by attending any of our exhibits at central Ohio home shows. We will rant, preach, lecture, chide, and/or argue the benefits of site-finished hardwood floors to any civic group or professional organization at no charge.

The Truth about “Pre-Finished” Hardwood Floors

As a general rule, in my experience, architects, interior designer and builders tend to always specify “pre-finished” hardwood. I have installed – in my 30 year career as a carpenter – one “pre-finished” floor. Never have I done, nor will I ever do another again. Living on a “pre-finished” or “factory-finished” floor (of which there is no difference) is not far removed from living on painted crates; they are about as porous. Within the cracks and crevices of a micro-beveled edge lies ground-in trafficked dirt, moisture, bacteria, and mold. This is unhealthy for the occupant and the home. If these imitation floors are so good, why are they always compared to ours? ie “Looks and wears almost as well as a “real hardwood floor.”

Hardwood Floor Installation

A Hardwood Floor Should be Judged by How Far One Can Slide Across It In His or Her Socks (ala Tom Cruise in “Risky Business”)

Along with this service of free education, Buckeye Hardwood does install and restore hardwood flooring.

Site-finished hardwood floors are, indeed, site-finished. That statement may seem redundant, but invariably we get that client that is amazed by the equipment necessary to install, sand, and finish their floor. Make no mistake, site-finished hardwood flooring is major construction.

Most projects require a substantial amount of prep-work to ready the sub floor for ¾” thick tongue-and-groove flooring. All furniture must be removed and stored for the duration. Pianos and other items that cannot be removed must be worked around. Appliances must be shut-off, toilets must be removed, and then all of that stuff has to be put back without scratching your new floors. Air sleds, wax rings, and dollies are all overlooked when factoring in the cost of installing a site-finished hardwood floor. Other hidden costs include masking, removing and disposing of all debris, cutting the bottoms of doors, transition moldings to other living areas, and all of the meals you will eat out while we have your home torn apart.

Hardwood Floor Installation
Hardwood Floor Installation Work Site

The Actual Nailing of the Hardwood Floor is LOUD!

The fastener, called a cleat, is specially designed to allow flooring to properly expand and contract without cupping or buckling. A hardwood floor is an organic (passive solar) product that changes with the season. Improper fasteners result in squeaky floors.

This cacophony of pneumatic cleat nail guns, table saws, air compressors, sanders, miter boxes, and men yelling measurements is enough to make cats retreat to the far corners of the basement, dogs weep, and babies bark. Yep, bark. We take up half of the driveway with our vans. Hoses and extension cords are everywhere – but the floor is going down. It is at this stage where the homeowner gets their first glimpse of the most beautiful floors in the world. We tell them, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

There is no such thing as a perfect sub-floor. Your home is a collection of imperfect lumber, placed on an imperfect foundation, by imperfect carpenters. By site-finishing ¾” tongue-and-groove, end-matched hardwood flooring, Buckeye Hardwood can give you a truly sealed floor.

Hardwood Floors that Will Puddle Every Time

We install 15” felt or flooring rosin paper as a moisture retardant, and then pneumatically blind nail every 8” to 10” of the flooring. The flooring nailer ensures that each fastener is nailed at the proper angle and the correct depth.

Immediately after the hardwood floor installation, we start sanding. This stage is what puts a site-finished floor a head above the rest. Think of it more as grinding down the floor (60 grit) to remove any high spots.

After the first sanding, any voids and cracks wider than the thickness of a dollar bill are filled with a wood-fill that matches the floor species.

This is the step that separates site-finished floors from pre-finished floors; it assures you will have a truly sealed floor. After the floor is filled it is again sanded with the next grit (80) then screened with 100. These subsequent sandings take out any sandpaper marks left over from the coarser grits and prepares the wood for the finish.

We Appreciate Our Great Customers!

There isn’t a better floor company in Columbus! I’m talking these guys take it to a other level. If you want your floor done right by someone who truly cares and puts everything into making sure you get what you want and what’s going to look best and be the best fit for you.

Dave D.

Once they finished the initial project, I hired them to refinish 4 additional rooms and install the Nu-stair, stair system and custom handrails. They were highly skilled craftsmen, used high quality products, were very professional, and finished the job on time. I was very satisfied! I initially hired them to do a repair on a damaged wood floor. They did such an excellent job that I hired them for another home improvement project.

Kim C.

Tom worked a miracle in our old house and we love our new white oak and Epay hardwood floors. Quality work and full attention to detail. Tom is a true craftsman. Honest pricing and reliable!

Anne T.

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