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1. Flooring with the illusion of depth.

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2.Madison-Plains Gym Floor, London, Ohio

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3.Herringbone Brazilian Cherry (Jatoba)

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4.Select Maple framed around the island

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5. Hickory in a 3-4-5 alternating install

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6. Hickory scribed to a stone hearth

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7. Hickory in Ostrander

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8.Rift and quartersawn red oak

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9.R&Q red oak with a santos mahogany/maple border

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10.More stone, more border--all art!!

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11. Tigerwood (its gr-r-reat) and an apron and border Dayton, Ohio

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12. Ipe (dark and difficult to photograph)

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13. More ipe (hardest of the hardwood--won’t float)

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14.Ipe in a kitchen with a maple accent stripe around the island

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15. Raised panel custom made red oak mantle and new hearth

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16. Herringbone oak with a walnut trellis border, Galena, Ohio

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17. Site-finished hardwood floor with the bells and whistles

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18.No stain on this site-finished hardwood floor

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20. Ash (baseball bats) spindles

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21. A little set of stairs for the cat to get to the upstairs(a catwalk)?

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22. The inspiration for the ash/brazilian cherry steps and landings

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23. Handrails-spindles-newel posts-Sunbury

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24. Refinish stairs, treads, risers handrails--Bexley

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25.Buckeye Hardwood at The Dispatch’s Home and Garden Show

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26. Sweet red Oak spindles stained to match hardwood floors.

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30.Ipe (Brazilian walnut) landing next to a red oak stair system in Orient, Ohio

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31.Site-finished hardwood in central Ohio

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32. Stair system refinished with a VOC compliant floor finish

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33. A windsor border around yet another stone hearth in Chillicothe

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34. With butcher block being maple it goes with kitchens/dining rooms

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35. Quartersawn white oak-santos mahogany accent stripe-maple hardwoods--just like the forest, different species side-by-side

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36.Another natural maple finish.

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37. Maple hardwood flooring--site-finished--alongside maple kitchen cabinets

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38. Carpet, pad, and tackstrip removal Upper Arlington.

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39. Some BIG brazilian cherry treads and new flooring in Canal Winchester.

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40. A sunken room that had a toe stubber, now it has two risers and a tread

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41. 3-4-5 inch repeating pattern hickory floor.

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42. Site finished hardwood floor with a two-component VOC compliant finish.

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43. Site-finished hardwood floor in central Ohio

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44. Appalachian hardwood, site-finished, using the latest technologies.

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45.Healthy, natural, clean--site-finished hardwood floor.

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46. Hickory--what some call a “checkerboard floor”--very blonde boards sprinkled in with very chocolate boards.

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47. The finished floor on a total re-hab in Upper Arlington--ipe.

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48. See this total album on Google+ under Tom Whiteside

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49. Our favorite pilot placing his things on his new floor.

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50. The site-finished hardwood floor that is ready to be lived upon.

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51. Sanded hardwood floor--tacked--and ready for the sealer plus build coat plus final coat.

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52. The view from the floor .

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55. Backpack vacuum sweeper, buffer, and a Festool orbital sander.

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56. Flush wooden heat register of the same species as the hardwood flooring

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57. Built-in access to crawl space

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58. Hardwood flooring laid and readied for sanding and finishing.

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59. Acclimated flooring on the Aqua-bar moisture retardant.

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60. Tools for laying floors--cleat nailer, 15 gauge finish nailer, and a face nailer.

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61. The after of floor removal and structural repairs

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62. Shimmed and furred floor joists to maintain the right elevation.

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63. Work coordinated with insulation company and crawl-space insulated.

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64. Work coordinated with heating company to replace duct work and upgrade.

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65. Structural repairs made--mechanicals updated--crawl space insulated.

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66. Installation of ¾” plywood sub-floor

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68. Old leaking ductwork before.


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70. Removing carpet-pad-tack strips. Carpet is no more than a glorified wall-to-wall door mat.

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72. Another pilot and another tigerwood floor.

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73. Site finished floors with accents and borders in Centerville

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74. Maybe this border and hardwood flooring has the look of a runway?

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75. Design, installation, sanding, and finishing of hardwood floors.

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76. VOC compliant site-finished hardwood floor.

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77. Site finished hardwood floor in Westerville, Ohio

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78. Floor laying, sanding, and finishing in entry and half-bath.

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79. Tear-out tile and replace with site finished hardwood floors.

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80. Site finished hardwood floors in a kitchen--all the time.

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81. She said, “NO MORE RUGS!!” in my family room.

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82. A Shaker-look stairway in Chillicothe

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84. Stairs, handrails, treads, risers, and new skirtboards.

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85. Brazilian Cherry floor in Shawnee Hills.

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86. Three inlays furnished, installed, and designed in Dublin, Ohio.

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87. Sales and installation of hardwood flooring, medallions, and moldings

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88. Buckeye Hardwood had nothing to do with the walls--but we did design the accent stripe and floor.

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89. Sales and installation of custom designed medallions.

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90. An impressive entry in Grove City.

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91. Wine, chairs, and site-finished hardwood floors--”If you believe that beauty sways the mind....”

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92. Site-finished hardwood floors are passive solar and pet friendly

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93. Accents designed to compliment the furniture

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94. Custom mantle with fluted pillars and a raised panel breast board.

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95. Another custom mantle to fit an existing fireplace in a tract home.